Dental care

Ayurveda describes three types of procedures for healthy gums and teeth:

  1. Dantadhavan – teeth brushing.
  2. Kavala vidhi – retention of healing oils or decoction in the mouth;
  3. Gandusha vidhi – medical gargle.

    Below you will find information about all the accessories and products needed to perform these hygienic and healing rituals.

    четки за зъби

    Kavala vidhi and Gandusha vidhi: way of practicing

    15 ml of sesame or coconut oil are needed for the procedure.

    • Pour the oil into your mouth and hold it for 3-5 minutes or until mixed with enough saliva.
    • Do not swallow the contents, but spit it out when finished.
    • After spitting, rinse your mouth with about 100 ml of warm water (45-50 degrees).

    Other medicinal oils, specially prescribed for procedures such as arimedas tailam and karpuradi tailam, are sometimes used for Kavala vidhi and Gandusha vidhi.

    Benefits of Kavala vidhi and Gandusha vidhi

    In combination with Ayurvedic herbs, Kavala vidhi and Gandusha vidhi are extremely useful methods of caring for gums and teeth:

    • Protects teeth from decay
    • Strengthen tooth roots
    • Affect gingivitis, cavities and rubbing teeth
    • Reduce swelling and bleeding gums
    • Relieve periodontitis and thrush

     Last but not least, Ayurvedic herbs have a cleansing effect that helps reduce bad breath. For this purpose, herbs such as cloves, arimedas, nimbi and others are used.

    Хавлия и четки за зъби

    Medicinal herbs for brushing teeth

    For teeth brushing, Ayurveda recommends using herbal brushes made from wooden twigs.

    Suitable species are neem, acacia, trifala or arak, and with the length of about 30 cm long.

    Ayurvedic oral hygiene products

    The most effective Ayurvedic products for dental and oral care are:

    Product name
    Dahanakanti churnam
    Valiya Arimedas Thailam
    Karpooradi thailam
    Patadi Choornam
    Herbal powder for morning teeth cleaning. Gum massage can be done with the same powder. Used to cover all parts of the tooth, including gum problems
    A special oil that is used to massage the gums after brushing your teeth.
    Oil used mainly for gingivitis such as gingivitis or periodontitis.
    Powder used to stop bleeding gums.

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