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Ayurvedic tips for losing weight

To maintain body metabolism is a key for balancing weight. by adopting correct diet practice one can easily reduce the weight or balance the weight.

Ayurvedic tips for losing weight

  1. Finding the correct reason to gain weight is the first and important step to reduce the weight, without understanding reason behind your weight gain, you cannot reach to the goal of reducing weight.
  2. Improper diet regime, life style, stress and different kind hormonal imbalance and disease are main reasons to gain weight. To correct them is another step in losing weight.
  3. Correct intake of water.  It is important to use correct quantity of fluid every day. Improper intake of water can lead to many metabolic changes and result into losing the balance of maintaining weight. In general you can calculate your need of water intake according to your ideal body weight.  You should take a help of ayurvedic doctor to understand correct quantity of fluid or water that is needed for body.
    e.g person with 60 kg need needs maximum fluid including water 4 liter a day.

     No.  Ideal weight according to height  Need of water including all kind of drinks per day
     1  weight In between 50-60 kg  3 liter/day
     2  weight In between 60-70 kg  4 liter/day
     3  weight In between 70-80 kg  5 liter/day
     4  weight In between 80-90 kg  6 liter/day
  4. Using of warm water– in general is always preferable to use warm water to drink during whole day with maximum quantity of 150 ml at ones.
  5. Drinking hot water just before meal.- 60 degree of water with dose of 150 ml can be taken to reduce the weight.
  6. Keeping the hours of meals – meals should be taken with regular interval. The frequency of meals per day can be varies according to personalities. Vata can take three meals per day in which one of meal will be more with quantity. Pitta can have three to four meals per day be with equal quantity. Kapha can take two or one meals per day with almost equal quantity.
  7. Never eat if you are not hungry. Never push the food inside body if you are not hungry.
  8. Used the prepared or cooked food more than raw food. In general we advise to use 70% cooked food and 30% raw food in diet.
  9. Regular fasting – practice of different kind of fasting methods at least weekly once is good to maintain the weight and lose weight.
     Fasting per month
     vata  pitta  kapha
     Twice a month  Thrice a month  4 times or weekly once.
  10. Fasting method
     Allowed food
     vata  pitta  kapha
     With fruit juices only.  With special water like clove water  Without any food and water
  11. To chew the food – it is very important habit to chew the food in mouth before taking inside. Eating too fast or too slow is not is one of reason for putting on weight. One should chew food at least for 32 times.
  12. Being claim– it is very important to be claim before taking food. Food taken in hurry and worry will always cause disturbance in digestion to result into put on weight.
  13. Limited intake of alcohol– regular intake of same quantity of alcohol will help metabolism. Please note that there should not be variation or ups and down in quantity of alcohol. In general 50 gram of concentrate alcohol and 150 gram of wine is considered as healthy consumption.
  14. Dinner must be finish before 8.00 PM in the evening.
  15. Enough rest– one must practice to take enough rest to maintain weight. At least 6 hours to 8 hours rest should be
  16. Regular exercise– there should be regular exercise in order to maintain weight. Ups and down in the pattern of exercise will consider as a shock for body and body will never lose weight.
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