Ayurvedic weight loss tips

According to Ayurveda, the steps to achieving a balanced weight are:

1. Find out the reason for gaining weight.

If you do not understand the cause of weight gain, there is no way to eliminate it.

2. Eliminate the cause.

It can be an improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, hormonal imbalance or illness.

3. Drink water.

Improper hydration can lead to changes in metabolism and weight gain.

You can calculate the required amount of water and other fluids based on your ideal body weight according to the following table:


ideal weight according to height
50-60 kg
60-70 kg
70-80 kg
80-90 kg
daily need for liquids
3 liters/day
4 liters/day
5 liters/day
6 liters/day

4. Drink warm water.

It is recommended to take it throughout the day, and the amount you take at once should not exceed 150 ml.

5. Drink warm water just before meals.

To lose weight, take up to 150 ml of water with a temperature of 60 degrees.

6. Observe meal times.

Meals during the day should be at regular intervals, the number and frequency of which depend on the individual characteristics of each person.
  • People of the Vata type can eat three times a day, with one more plentiful meal
  • People of the Pitta type can eat three or four times a day, and each meal should be the same amount.
  • People of the Kapha type can eat once or twice a day in equal amounts

7. Never eat unless you are hungry.

If you are not hungry, do not force your body with food.

8. Eat more cooked than raw food.

It is recommended that 70% of the food in the daily routine be cooked and 30% raw.

9. Fast once a week.

Fasting once a week helps maintain or reduce weight.

2 times a month
monthly fast
3 times a month

4 times a month
(every week)

10. Choose the right way of fasting.

Only fruit juices
allowed foods
Special water, such as cloves

No food or water

11. Chew food well.

It is very important to get in the habit of chewing food well before swallowing it – at least 32 times.

12. Eat calmly.

Fast eating usually leads to indigestion and obesity.

13. Limit alcohol intake.

It is considered healthy to take 50 g of concentrate or 150 ml of wine.

14. Don’t eat dinner late.

The last meal of the day must be completed by 20:00 at the latest.

15. Get enough sleep.

You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day to control your weight.

16. Be physically active.

To maintain a normal weight, it is recommended that you have regular physical activity.

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