Kitchen appliances and accessories

Ayurvedic cuisine uses different types of metal utensils – gold, silver, copper or rings.

The material and shape of the dishes affect the quality of food and its properties.

Therefore, there are certain recommendations for dishes used for cooking, consumption and storage of liquid and solid products.

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Containers for food preparation and storage

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  • Ayurveda recommends that food be prepared in special metal bell-shaped containers or ring containers.
  • It is best to serve the food in silver containers. Silver is considered the best metal because it removes toxins from food and purifies it.
  • Another important element in Ayurvedic cuisine is the shape of the containers. Each dish should be prepared and stored in round containers.
  • The food should be prepared over low heat. The best way is to cook over a burning wood fire.

Containers for storage and consumption of water

  • Drinking water is best stored in copper containers. This material stimulates digestion, makes water easy to process and works well on people with liver, bile and thyroid problems.
  • Water stored in ring containers helps reduce the acidity of the body, as well as skin problems.
  • Water should only be stored in round containers – this makes it useful for people with heart problems and high blood pressure.

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