According to Ayurvedic medicine, rice is sattvic, ie pure food.

It helps build and maintain body tissues, creates high prana (vitality) and is easy to digest…

In addition to being good for health, the rice is a product that promotes madhur ras or sweet taste in the body. This creates its balancing action for both – vata and pitta energies.


Popular Ayurvedic dishes with rice

Some of the most common ways to combine and consume rice in Indian cuisine are:

  • Moong dal rice – boiled rice, moong dal, ghee, salt, cumin seeds and other spices.
  • Coconut rice – boiled rice and coconut milk.
  • Jeera rice – cooked rice, cumin seeds, ghee and curry leaves.
  • Tomato rice – cooked rice, tomato, oil and spices.
  • Vegetables rice (fried) – cooked rice, a mixture of vegetables, ghee and spices.
  • Lemon rice – boiled rice, lemon juice and salt.
  • Cottage cheese rice – boiled rice, cottage cheese, cumin seeds, ghee and curry leaves.
  • Ghee rice – cooked rice, ghee and dried fruits.

As in the preparation of rice, other Ayurvedic recipes also recommend the use of less salt, at the expense of a greater variety of spices.

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