In Ayurveda, stew is a combination of solid products, cooked in a liquid and served in a sauce.

It serves as a main dish and helps maintain the balance between cooked and raw foods, which according to Ayurvedic texts should be 70% to 30%.

Аюрведично ястие

What ingredients are used to make stew?

Stew ingredients may include a combination of:

  • Vegetables – carrots, potatoes, onions, beans, peppers and tomatoes.
  • Meat – beef, poultry, fish and seafood.
  • Liquid base – water, coconut milk, broth or nut milk.

Ayurvedic recipe for vegetable-meat stew

carrots, meat, onions, potatoes, peas, beans, ginger, green peppers, pepper powder, cardamom, coconut milk, curry leaves, coconut oil, salt and sugar.
Preparation method:

  1. The base of the thick sauce is made of chickpea flour (besan).
  2. Add all the ingredients except the hot pepper and coriander.
  3. Cook the stew on low heat – without boiling.
The stew is served with yogurt and garnished with hot peppers and coriander.

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