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For a better and more meaningful life

I liked the idea very much about the pure and positive thinking of preparing food, according to Ayurveda. I think it has a very practical use in everyday life and, apparently, among other things, Ayurveda teaches us how to be better people and live more meaningfully.

XX, Bulgaria

Very professional team!

A wonderful clinic with a very professional team! My husband and I have long been going to visit an ayurvedic course, not so much because we suffer from disease but from toxins. The two procedures in Ayurveda Clinic Bansko have affected us. The doctors were definitely aware of many of the subtleties of Ayurveda, and they did not even bother to explain to us what it was, why, and how it was done. We have enriched our knowledge of ayurveda and learned a lot about how to eat more properly, when to get up and go to bed, what to do about various diseases and many other things. Good luck for the future!

Jorko and Pavlina Georgievi

Ayurveda Clinic Bansko is the best clinic

I have been engaged in the holistic sciences and Ayurveda for years. Once every one two years I have to do Ayurveda therapies and procedures because I suffer from an early age with problems with the digestive tract and Ayurveda methods are very helpful. 2 years ago I first visited Ayurveda Clinic Bansko, where they really impressed me. I have visited other Ayurveda Clinics and doctors in Bulgaria, also in Kerala. But the level reached at Ayurveda Bansko here in Bulgaria is quite good. Doctors and therapists are native Indian who have been in Ayurveda for quite some time. The setting in the clinic is pleasant, relaxing, all amenities are provided. Another very important thing, I think, is that the oils themselves, herbs, products are authentic, brought from India and can not be seen anywhere in Bulgaria. It is definitely worth it. The price is not small but covers absolutely all aspects of feeling as if you are in Kerala! But more cheaper! It's worth it, really. I recommend!

Maria Dragneva

Thanks to the professionals

Special thanks to the team and the professional therapists! They are very attentive, extremely polite, answer all questions and make a treatment program responsible for everyone!

Svetla B.

Ayurveda is here

Anyone who wants to touch Ayurveda in Bulgaria must visit the clinic in Bansko! I am impressed that they have brought qualified Indian medical staff to look after patients here!

Milana V.

Cleanness and comfort at a high level

When you visit Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko, the first thing that will make you a great impression is incredible cleanliness and comfort. The accommodation in the 5-star hotel exceeds all criteria and is very strong plus the organizers!

XX. Bulgaria

And I will come again!

Ayurveda treatments are authentic and useful, but I personally like the most wonderful attitude of the team and the doctors! I look forward to visiting the clinic for the third time!


Sonya N.

Worth it

Recently I have been trying out treatments outside the traditional medicine known in Bulgaria. I recommend anyone who hesitates to experience Ayurveda's methods at least once. I personally do not regret anything, it was more than expected!


Sabina Z.

Great Abyangam massages

For my stay at the clinic I can only say positive things. However, I would like to pay special attention to  the Abyangam therapies and the exceptionally good level of massages! Therapists are extremely careful and good at what they are doing!


S. I.

Ayurveda changed my life’s vision

Ayurveda changed my vision of life and showed me a different approach to my way of life.

I want to thank Dr. Mahesh and the whole team of Ayurveda Clinic Bansko for this amazing experience, for this qualified service and for the unforgettable advice.

I recommend them because it is important for me that every satisfied or dissatisfied user should express his / her point of view, whatever it is.

Н. М.

Trust Ayurveda!

Trust Ayurveda, choose an active, fulfilling life without knowing diseases!

Т. О.

I can call this a miracle

I was there twice for therapy and I dare say that I am almost completely healthy for her sake.

I recommend with 2 hands because what I saw there ... I can call a miracle.

I can not tell you how the therapy passes because I can not just have to go through it.

Bunnie, Bulgaria

Very well maintained clinic

Congratulations! The clinic is very clean and beautiful, the interior is fresh and the staff is very caring! I can only list good things.

XX, Bulgaria

Wonderful Program

I consider the idea of Ayurveda Clinic Bansko really good. This is an opportunity for a controlled alternative or more like an addition to the standard therapy for many diseases.

I think that the positive sides are the following:

In general , it is not necessary for a patient to go on a risky journey to India to have such a therapy. I have personally heard stories from people that came upon some serious situations while visiting incompetent  Indian doctors, which I think is very dangerous.

The doctors and the therapists are qualified.

The atmosphere is very comfortable.

The staff is very kind and polite.

In my opinion they are really well-organised and polite 🙂

For all I know, when it comes to the price, their prices are  affordable.  Thе people who want to go through such a therapy need to know that this is a time for relaxation, concentration and self-examination.

This  is not an intensive SPA course  but an opportunity for a cleansing the body and building up a foundation for healthy eating habits and body care.


PB Review

I believe that creating an Ayurveda Clinique Bansko is a very good idea. This is an opportunity for a controlled alternative medicine, or more like an addition to the standard treatment of many illnesses.

In my opinion, the good sides are the following:

One does not need to take a considerably risky trip to India in order to participate in order to be treated with that kind of therapy. I have been told that many people had unpleasant encounters with incompetent doctors in India, which sounds very dangerous to me.

The doctors and the therapists are qualified.

The conditions are very comfortable.

The staff is very polite and caring.

I believe they are very well-organized.

And as far as I am concerned, even the price is very affordable.

It is very important that those who start this therapy are aware of the fact, that this is a time for rest, concentration and self-observation.

This is not a SPA-procedure course, but an opportunity for cleansing and creating a basis of healthy eating habits and body care.



DY Review

To begin with, I consider the Ayurveda Clinic Bansko a great idea. I am sure that the organization of things is really complicated.

I became familiar with Ayurveda a few months before I came to you. I was about to go to India for treatment, after I had some meetings and conversations with several cliniques there. I accidentally learned about your Clinique from EVA magazine. This is how I got here.

I think that Panchakarma is good for everyone. You don’t need to be ill to do it. I was going through a very hard time, there were days in which I found it hard to even get out of bed, but still I would recommend it to anyone. Except the deep cleansing of the body and the soul, you can also understand lots of things about Ayurveda from doctor Mahesh and listen to his advice on how to live based on their philosophy. This turns out to be incredibly useful. One can immediately feel the difference in their body just by following the very simple and logical rules.

I came here to treat a disease. I am in a far better condition than I was in. Now I feel much better. I say 'now' because, as the doctor pointed out, it takes time to see the final result, and this time has not come yet.

The doctors and the therapists are very careful. I can say only great things about them. I spent a very long time with them and I felt sad when leaving. These are the people there for you every day.

I was with you for 3 weeks so I wanted to express that everyone at the hotel was great -  unbelievably kind and polite.

I hope I was useful to you too and I wish you  luck!


Therapist are high professionals

The therapeutic program is very good. The therapists are really good  professionalists. Everyone was careful! The hotel's service was number 1.

Angello Argirov

Great therapies in Ayurveda Clinic

Therapy with body oil. I was very pleasantly surprised by Ayurveda medicine. In Ayurveda Clinic Bansko and Aparthotel Lucky Bansko everything is perfect.

Stoyan Pakov

I recommend Abhyangam therapy

I highly recommend the Abhyangam full-body therapy - the feeling is amazing. I wanted to try Ayurveda therapies for a long time, since they are famous all around the world, and I wish I had tried them sooner!


Perfect for recovery

Special thanks and praise for the team! Led by Mr. Kordev and Mr. Garzhe, everyone is extremely careful and polite. I used the clinic to recover from a surgery and I can say that was my best decision for the period. Any recovery process would take you less time with these treatments, do not hesitate! The body needs such therapy after stress.

Antoniya Mileva

They really understand the core of Ayurveda!

I learned about Ayurveda clinic Bansko through television, then I started to be interested in Indian medicine. Of course, I had to try in practice and I think, this is the best place for it. I feel great, therapy is very invigorating and relaxing, and with this staff you will not have any concerns. Not only they will pamper you here, but you can ask them any questions on the topic of Ayurveda and they will gladly tell you everything in detail, as they did with me.


This is your Ayurveda place!

I have tried with many known or unknown medics, who use the Ayurveda methods, but Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko is a whole new level! This is a true professional clinic with experienced good specialists, who you can really trust! My only advice is to make a full body treatment, don't do just half the work!

Magi Vasileva

Sarvang Bashpasvedam therapy!

Let me praise you for your Sarvang Bashpasvedam therapy, it's amazing and I loved it, I would most definitely come back again!


Escape the illness

Ayurveda Clinic Bansko is a good place where you can take preventive measures against all kinds of diseases out there, especially during season changes. It's not accidental that the Indians used this medicine from Ancient times!


For every woman

I highly recommend Ayurveda Clinic Bansko to every woman who wants to relax and rejuvenate her body and skin!


If you respect your body and mind, try Ayurveda

If you respect your body and mind, trust Ayurveda. This ancient medicine has been used for centuries until today in traditional form, not by accident. Thanks to places like Ayurveda Clinic Bansko, we can try it without even leaving the Balkans. Kudos to the team!

Mira P.

This is how you do it – bravo!

I am so happy that I came exactly in your clinic because your Ayurveda therapy is world class!

M. V.

Thanks for the recipes on the site

Even before I visited the clinic, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Ayurveda medicine and experimenting with the recipes provided free of charge on their site! I have great impressions at first glance and already signed up for a visit next month, I have no patience!

Tanya Boykovska

My closest friends recommended your clinic

I came here after recommendation from my closest friends and I am very satisfied from the service here. Now it's my turn to recommend you!


So much information

I will be happy to sign up for treatment very soon, but before that I would like to express my gratitude for the nicely arranged and maintained site, only here I find so much information about Ayurveda in one place! Wonderful advertisement for yourself!

Olga S.

If you are looking a good treatment

In Bulgaria it is difficult to find a specialized place to treat you with Ayurveda. It's even harder to find Indian doctors ready to get you in the secret of ayurveda. If you are looking for such a place and need treatment, I would advise you to visit the Ayurveda clinic in Bansko!

Nataliya Dimitrova