Numbness and frostbite of the extremities and Ayurveda


There is no person who has not felt frostbite on his feet and hands during the cold months of the year. Numbness of the limbs is also a common condition. Sometimes these unpleasant sensations are not just a harmless signal to the body, but rather can be a symptom of a health problem.

However, how can one judge whether it is necessary to consult a specialist? The answer depends on the severity and frequency of such manifestations and whether they are accompanied by other similar complaints. The causes of numbness and frostbite of the limbs can be very different.

When it comes to a chronic health problem, and not a harmless reaction of the body, then you can think of impaired central nervous system function or anemia. Of course, reliable and accurate diagnosis can be achieved only after consultation with a doctor or with the help of modern specialized medical equipment.

If there are no established changes in health, the causes are mainly attributed to tension, stress, physiological problems, external factors and others.

Numbness and frostbite of the limbs and Ayurveda

No matter how numbness and frostbite of the hands and feet have been provoked, even if it is necessary to follow prescribed medical therapy, there are alternative ways to overcome the discomfort. They can be practiced in parallel or separately from the classical treatment.

Ayurveda – ways of alternative practices and therapies

The methods of Ayurveda are among the known and widely used means of treating various diseases and conditions. The reason is that millennial teaching has preserved the knowledge of healers over the centuries, and in our time it is the preferred way to achieve a balance in terms of physical, mental and emotional health.

Unlike traditional medicine, Ayurveda seeks the source of the disease, not just the symptoms. It is also a philosophy for man based on adherence to a natural way of life.

Therapeutic Ayurveda therapies

Traditional Indian medicine treats energy imbalances in the body. According to Ayurveda, they are the first causes of various diseases. In case of movement disorders or disorders of the limbs, Ayurveda healers apply healing procedures with the help of aqua treatment, herbs, foods, detoxification of the body and other natural methods.

Numbness and frostbite of the limbs and Ayurveda

In case of limb dysfunction, Indian traditional medicine uses several basic therapies, which are related to the application of medicinal decoctions and oils.

Among the most common are Sandy Pitchu and Katie Pitchu. The first procedure is used to improve the general condition of the limbs. The basis of treatment is the use of warmed herbal oils, which aim to soothe the feeling of pain, numbness or poor hydration of the limbs.

The second procedure works on the same principle, for this purpose the affected parts (in this case the legs and arms) are covered with warm cotton compresses.

They are soaked in herbal decoctions, which increase the temperature in the limbs, overcome stress and at the same time stimulate the release of toxins from the body to be excreted through the largest human organ – the skin.

After both therapies, a person feels a surge of energy, improves his tone and blood circulation, warms and calms the whole body.

Therapeutic gymnastics is another way to achieve a good effect on the limbs. Ayurveda recommends yoga as a way to move daily, stabilize muscles and release consciousness from daily stress.

Many yoga exercises have a positive effect on good limb hydration. These are the asanas in which the arms and legs are outstretched. The idea is to stimulate blood circulation in them.

At the heart of Indian gymnastics in general is proper breathing, which also helps to strengthen the body. Most movements are smooth, require complete calm and charge with positive energy.

Along with yoga, healing gymnastics is also known. An example is Pilates, which is also very well-known and applicable around the world. Several other very easy exercises can be practiced at home, which are entirely aimed at stabilizing the limbs and their coordination.

Numbness and frostbite of the limbs and Ayurveda

The easiest exercise that anyone can perform is to stand on his toes with his arms outstretched. The goal is to supply blood to the limbs and stimulate the muscle groups in the arms and legs. This is achieved with a few minutes of walking on tiptoe. It can be practiced every day.

The only condition is to perform barefoot so as not to disturb the correct posture. The exercise is recommended for both numb legs and cold lower limbs.

The cold is overcome most quickly with warm baths and massages. It is best to use warming creams or specialized oils to rub into the skin.

The therapy can start with a warming bath, after which the body can be massaged with a suitable healing eco-product. Ayurveda uses all-natural herbal remedies.

Food as a way to overcome limb problems

The type of food should not be underestimated in any situation. It is no coincidence that the products consumed can have beneficial or harmful effects on the human body. On the other hand, warming up a frozen body can be achieved with the help of food.

According to Ayurveda, what we eat is essential in overcoming one or another health problem. At the heart of Indian medicine are the healing properties of herbs, spices and their combination with fruits and vegetables. It also does not matter when and how we consume meals.

Numbness and frostbite of the limbs and Ayurveda

Herbal decoctions are used not only in the form of teas, they are also used in water therapies and detoxification. Purification of the body is also among the priority therapies of alternative healers.

They believe that the accumulated harmful substances in the body are among the main reasons for the deterioration of our health. Some of the known ways of detoxification are with the consumption of certain medicinal foods.

The benefits of spices and their combination are well studied by Ayurveda. The warming and fire-fighting ingredients in us are a way to deal with limb discomfort. Recommended for hot drinks mixed with cinnamon, ginger, lemon, black pepper, cloves, anise and others.

It is good to have turmeric, bay leaf and garlic in our meals. In the presence of anemia, it is best to eat onions and nuts. Other useful products are fenugreek, white and black pepper, hot peppers. In case of numbness and frostbite of the legs and arms, it is necessary to take natural probiotics.

The best source is Bulgarian yogurt, to which a teaspoon of turmeric can be added. Another useful products are all legumes. Before consuming, they should be soaked for several hours in water, then boiled well with appropriate spices.

Beans, lentils, brown rice are mandatory elements of traditional Indian cuisine. Their effect is enhanced when combined with purified Ghee oil.

Numbness and frostbite of the limbs and Ayurveda

Maintaining good health can be achieved by achieving balance, preaches Ayurveda. This means not neglecting the rules of proper nutrition, maintaining good physical shape and overcoming daily stress and tension.

Ancient Indian teaching also recommended daily meditation or purification of the mind from bad thoughts in order to achieve inner balance and harmony with oneself and the world around.

This is the best method for a person to preserve his inner self, to find his way and not to suffer, which will keep him in good health and give him the strength to overcome obstacles in life. Because most diseases are due to imbalance.

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