Buerger’s disease – Can Ayurveda affect it?


What is the disease about?

Burger’s disease is an autoimmune disease that is systemic. The disease is also known as thromboangiitis obliterans. It affects the arteries of the upper and lower limbs, causing an inflammatory process.

In certain areas of the arms and legs, the arteries and veins swell, become inflamed and there is a risk of clogging them with blood clots. Affected areas can become infected and lead to gangrene.

Болест на Бюргер - може ли да повлияе Аюрведа?

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Doctors report that the disease mainly affects men, less often women, in young and middle age – between 18 and 50 years. In addition, there is a characteristic geographical distribution of morbidity among the population of the Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Causes and symptoms

Smoking and the use of tobacco in any form are cited as the main causes of Buerger’s disease. This what the analysis of the identified cases of the disease shows. It has also been suggested that some people may have a genetic predisposition to it.

In medical practice, there are some characteristic symptoms which are considered to be some of the main indicators of the condition. Most often patients complain of tingling in the limbs. In addition, you may feel your hands and feet cold, as well as more noticeable sensitivity in these parts of the body.

The skin also changes to a pale appearance, typically grayish or reddish in color. Another common symptom is the appearance of pain in the feet and palms.

At a more advanced stage of the disease, visible clots appear in the veins, which, when complicated, grow into wounds. Neglecting the problem can cause serious inflammation, bordering on a dangerous septic condition.


The presence of symptoms requires urgent consultation with a specialist. The diagnosis can be made after an examination by a vascular surgeon or an appointed ultrasound examination, the so-called vascular Doppler.

The treatment itself requires the cessation of harmful effects, and this is of paramount importance for the use of tobacco and tobacco products. Patients also switch to medical treatment, including mainly corticosteroids.

Traditional medicine resorts to drugs that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Medications for dilating blood vessels also have a positive effect. In more severe forms of the disease, surgical interventions and even amputations are possible.

How can Ayurveda help?

Alternative medicine has an extremely good effect in relieving and improving the condition of people suffering from Buerger’s disease. Ayurveda methods and practices have a beneficial effect on the health of the body, and this disease requires a comprehensive strengthening and enhancing of the immune system.

Болест на Бюргер - може ли да повлияе Аюрведа?

Photo: Ayurveda Sofia

The quality of food and its intake

They are extremely important for our health. According to the ancient Indian knowledge of man, the only cure for the body are all products that have a restorative and strengthening role.

Products such as lemon, ginger, black elderberry or chokeberry syrup, pomegranate, flaxseed, garlic, turmeric and cinnamon should be present at the table. All of them help to unclog the arteries, have anti-inflammatory effect and increase energy.

Ayurveda uses a number of traditional herbs that have been shown to strengthen the body and generally contribute to the better functioning of human organs. They are used for alternative treatments.

Arjun is one of the commonly used ingredients for decoctions due to its anti-inflammatory and protective properties.

It also works well to remove plaque from blood vessels. A similar effect is achieved with Gotu Kola and Bibhitaki. One of the strongest herbs is Ziloy, which is used against spasms, inflammation, infections, and to strengthen immunity.

The most popular plants in our country with medicinal properties are Hawthorn and Horse Chestnut. Both herbs are used for limb pain and diseased veins. Hawthorn is suitable for tea, and chestnuts are most often used in special creams and other healing products.


They are among the widely recommended procedures for soothing and relieving limb pain. They are effective when there are no open wounds on the patient’s legs and arms. It is necessary to be performed by a specialist and also it’s good some anti-inflammatory creams and decoctions to be used during the massage.

Many of the various Ayurvedic practices for detoxifying the body are applicable to get rid of all harmful accumulations and toxic substances from the body. Cleansing has a healing effect on organs and skin wounds.

The so-called unloading days are also suitable and recommended. During them we should drink more water with lemon and ginger. Green smoothies made from fresh green leafy vegetables, as well as natural juices are also very suitable for the daily menu and especially for the start of the day.

Болест на Бюргер - може ли да повлияе Аюрведа?

Photo: Ayurveda Sofia

Practices and others

Because the body needs relaxation, calm and enhanced immunity to cope with any medical condition, Ayurveda emphasizes eliminating the root cause of the health problem. Overcoming pain and discomfort can be done with healing practices such as yoga.

Exercise balances not only our physics but also the spirit. Moderate physical activity also helps blood circulation.

When a person is diagnosed with Buerger’s disease, it is imperative and vital for them to give up their harmful habit, such as smoking. This can lead to more stress, which everyone overcomes in different ways.

Practices that involve proper breathing are also helpful. An excellent option for most people is the meditation. Such workouts help to relieve daily stress, improve sleep and achieve better rest. All this is part of the healing process.

Болест на Бюргер - може ли да повлияе Аюрведа?

Photo : Ayurveda Sofia

After consultation with a specialist, water procedures can be performed. Aqua therapy is applicable in parallel with other alternative and traditional methods of treatment.

In turn, swimming is one of the suitable sports that shapes the whole body, not only loads certain muscle groups and relieves the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the limbs.

Exercise should be alternated with outdoor walks. Charging stays in the fresh air and outings in nature are a useful escape that everyone needs, regardless of their health.

This makes it easier for a person to deal with nicotine addiction and all other bad habits. It should not be forgotten that the balance of the spirit is an extremely essential element of all rehabilitation therapy.

If it is impossible to get out of the city, a relaxing rest can take place in the nearby park. However, it is necessary for everyone to set a daily and weekly schedule to follow in order to accustom the body to a balanced and toning way to deal with stress.

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